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Save time and shine the spotlight on all the learning

  • Create activities and posts that spark imagination
  • Empower students to own and share their growth
  • Grant access to students and parents to engage
  • Assess your way with the most powerful gradebook

Designed for teachers. Made for learning.

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Empower students

Students can watch their growth over time across years and locations (K-12)

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Save time

Spend less time fighting with tools and more time connecting with students

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Engage Parents

Grant access to parents and students so they can comment, add posts, and celebrate

FreshGrade is FREE for all teachers, students and families

  • Plan lessons with tools designed to save you time
  • Create an unlimited number of classes
  • Create & schedule an unlimited number of assignments
  • Attach diverse media to assignments (rubrics, exemplars, etc.)
  • Quickly align assignments to standards or objectives
  • Make custom groups
  • Grant access with flexible authority control
FreshGrade enables teacher to do lesson planning
  • Student-driven personalization
  • Digital portfolios for every student
  • Learning journal
  • Diverse media tools to capture student learning
  • Unlimited labeling, sorting, & filtering for customizable portfolio views
  • Compatible with 100’s of apps
  • Unlimited storage
FreshGrade's has a digital portfolio that enables students to document all their learning
  • Evidence driven gradebook
  • Standards-based, score-based, or anecdotal gradebook
  • Formative, summative & interim assessments
  • Multi-factor assessment
  • Custom assessment scales
  • Assessment summary for students and parents
FreshGrade has a flexible gradebook; you can use standards-based, score-based or anecdotal grading.
  • Real time insights
  • Conversation toolset
  • Link teachers, students & parents to student work
  • Parent & family engagement
  • Embedded Google Translate
  • Send messages or announcements to individuals or groups
FreshGrade has a communication system that connects students, teachers and parents
  • Knowledge Center tutorials FAQs & troubleshooting
  • Custom Professional Development (Added Cost)
  • Virtual Learning Network (VLC)
  • Robust student privacy & data security

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What Teacher’s & Students Are Saying

Kathy Rogers | Middle School

Kathy Rogers explains how FreshGrade helps her connect to likeminded people, looking to move education in a better direction.

Chris Mersereau | Middle/High School

Chris explains how FreshGrade helps to save time, get organized and stay accountable.

Sondra Kitchen | Elementary School

Sondra explains how she uses FreshGrade to give parents a window into the classroom and help children better showcase their work.

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FreshGrade allows me to differentiate instruction and to send a quick message to parents when I see great work or a downward trend in performance. Students know if they are meeting standards before it is a grade in the Gradebook and they have a chance to rise to the challenge. Everyone can see so much more than just a name of an assignment in the Gradebook.


FreshGrade is FREE for all teachers, students, and families

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