Remote Learning with FreshGrade

Learning happens everywhere. FreshGrade is a free tool that’s perfect for virtual teaching.

FreshGrade is designed to meet the needs of remote teaching and learning. We’re here to help you and your students succeed on the journey—no matter where it happens. If you’re new to FreshGrade, or if you just have questions about how to better support your students as you navigate remote teaching, please see our resources below.

Set up your remote class with powerful student portfolios

Digital portfolios empower students to learn and parents to engage—from anywhere

Connect parents, students, and co-teachers

It’s easy to invite your learning community to connect

Create activities to watch ownership and engagement grow

Activities are lesson planning tools where students and parents can contribute

FreshGrade Classic

Getting Started with FreshGrade Classic

An introduction to portfolios

How to support your students from a distance

An introduction to portfolios

How to support your students from a distance

How to use FreshGrade Classic for Remote Learning

Teaching students to own their own learning

Creating activities & assessments

Enhancing parent engagement from home

How to Invite Students to their Digital Portfolios

More remote resources

Remote learning download for students and parents

Remote teaching download for teachers

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