Working at FreshGrade

Like any forward-thinking company, FreshGrade is always on the lookout for top talent. For those who possess the necessary aptitude, professional skills, and experience to meet FreshGrade’s current needs, it’s a wonderful opportunity to join a vibrant group that is passionate about making a positive change in the way that technology is used in the classroom. If a vacancy isn’t posted, we may want to retain your details for future needs.

Are we meant to make awesome things together?

  • As a builder of interactive products for teachers, students and parents, you have an understanding of — and are passionate about — education
  • Working experience in a start-up environment that has built up market share and commercial success would help you thrive at this stage of our company life-cycle
  • FreshGrade staff work hard, sometimes irregular and flexible hours.  But they know how to recognize and celebrate success
  • FreshGrade promotes collaboration, internally and externally
  • The organizational structure is quite flat and non-hierarchal and FreshGrade work in teams within teams, under Agile methodology
  • FreshGrade workers are patient, cooperative, approachable and team-minded
  • FreshGrade trusts its people to make professional contributions. Within constraints of accountability, the company encourages courage and boldness
  • Engagement and pride of contribution is valued at FreshGrade
  • If current business needs require clarification, advice and support is never far away
  • FreshGrade employees receive rewards that are beyond monetary
  • FreshGrade’s main office is located in Downtown Kelowna, BC

How to Apply

Don’t see a position available, but are confident you’d make a great addition to the team? Please send your resume and cover letter to: and tell us why you think you’d be a great fit.

Good luck!

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