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I started using FreshGrade this fall when I was invited to participate in the pilot program. When I attended the initial meeting, I was so excited to learn that there was a team of teachers ready to get started. The presentation put on by the founders was thorough and easy to understand. The next day I […]

Kids in a classroom.

I teach Grade 3 in a very large classroom in the south-east corner of Edmonton, Alberta. My classroom is very multi-cultural and the majority of my students are ELL (English Language Learners). This year, I even have 2 students who started the year with no English at all. My Biggest Frustration and How FreshGrade Helps […]

Student in classroom writing.

I teach first grade at a Title 1 school in Fullerton, California. My students come to me with many different learning needs.  Documenting student performance and behavior is essential, so that when issues arise, I have all the information I need to advocate for their best interests. My Biggest Frustration Quantitative data is easier to […]

Plastic number and letter magnets in a variety of colors.

For me, teaching Kindergarten always makes for a busy but rewarding day and I’m sure it is the same for every teacher regardless of the year group taught. Being tasked with helping and monitoring students development, both academically and socially, is a big undertaking. I believe this process is made more manageable when teachers have […]

Distrubuted Learning Freshgrade

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein I have had the honour of working as a Special Education Teacher for the past 11 years. While teaching in California, I worked with children […]

Big group of kids with a lot of energy

I work in a FULL classroom (34 grade 3 students) with a wide range of needs. Because growth looks different for every student, I need a way that I can document that growth and show the progress that each student is making in their own unique way based on the outcomes of our curriculum. I […]

Mother and daughter talking outside over hot beverages

FreshGrade empowers stakeholders – teachers, parents, and students – by facilitating open communication and supporting them with the resources needed to help improve student achievement. Visibility into a student’s learning is the first step. In order to achieve success for all students, teachers need a way to track student progress so that instructional strategies can […]

Mother talking to her son over homework

You can hear the thumps of footsteps down the hall as everyone races to be the first at the dinner table. The smell of something that was ‘just whipped up’ fills the house. Steaming bowls of food are on the table and the family digs in and starts devouring. After the first few bites the […]

Manage Learning Objectives

I am an early career teacher teaching in British Columbia. I teach .8 in a split grade 6/7 class and .2 French prep. As is typical for many elementary school teachers, I have a range of subjects; Language Arts, Socials, Science, Health and Careers, Art, PE, and multiple grades of French. My Biggest Frustration I […]

Image showing the FreshGrade product on mobile devices, and a teacher using it to communicate with a parent and student.

My name is Wendy Hall, I work in an Inner-City school with a high ELL (English Language Learners) population, which creates several communication barriers with parents.  Student needs include behaviour support, learning support, ELL support, and challenge material.  Parents are just as busy as others and do not have the opportunity to be in the […]

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