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Lane Merrifield Tedxwestvancouver

FreshGrade co-founder and CEO Lane Merrifield delivered his talk “The Future of Education is Ready” to the audience of TEDxWestVancouverEd. Lane takes us through his motivations of moving from Entertainment to Education after selling the tremendously popular Club Penguin to Disney Interactive. Lane shares his vision and passion for enhancing education using technology. We’re ready. Are you?

Student colouring

When I was teaching eighth grade language arts about 20 years ago, the principal joined our department meeting one evening and announced a new initiative that she claimed would transform teaching and learning. I perked up, eager to know more about this revolutionary idea. “We are moving to portfolio assessment,” she said. I smiled and nodded […]

Radio CBC / CBC Radio

FreshGrade Co-Founder & CEO, Lane Merrifield, talks with CBC Radio West’s Host, Rebecca Zandbergen. How much do parents really know about what happens inside the classroom? Rebecca speaks with FreshGrade Co-Founder & CEO, Lane Merrifield, about the software that is helping parents get a first hand look at their child’s school day. Click here to listen […]

Announce Blog Feature

Class Announcements & Notifications Have you wanted to send out a reminder, but haven’t wanted it to appear as a post on the portfolio? This new feature allows you to send important reminders to students and/or parents, outside the portfolios. You’ll also be able to see who opened or viewed the announcement. You can create and […]

Parent Involvement

Did you know that students with parents who are involved in their schooling have fewer behavioral problems, better academics, and are more likely to complete high school than those with parents who aren’t involved? Unfortunately, a survey by the Phoenix College of Education found that 76 percent of 1,000 teachers polled said less than half […]

Blog F Techf

One image that has been forever imprinted in my mind is that of my mother, sitting at the kitchen table, amidst a mass of papers. Stacks of folders, neatly organized into piles, stood towering around her. Despite the volume, she was focused and there was an obvious system – evidence that this scene had unfolded […]

Blog Student Reading

“Parents often begin their participation doubting that their involvement can make much difference, and they are generally very gratified to discover what an important contribution they are able to make.”—Parent Involvement in Education (PIE) Parents don’t need to be head of the PTA to get involved in their students’ schooling. Something as simple as asking […]

Workload Blog

We created FreshGrade because we wanted to be more involved in our kids’ education. We saw the need for a learning collaboration environment, like FreshGrade, from our perspective as parents, because we felt we lacked real visibility into the classroom. However, as we began the journey to develop our product we have become advocates for […]

Jo Boaler

Amidst a buzzing room of K-12 Administrators and University Faculty and Staff, esteemed Stanford Professor, Jo Boaler joined us last night at FreshGrade’s head office to talk about her research. Through her work, Professor Boaler challenges the traditional math-teaching model and endeavors to “erase math failure through teaching for a growth mindset.” We were thrilled to […]

Blog Img 4 Abstract 1

I started using FreshGrade this fall when I was invited to participate in the pilot program. When I attended the initial meeting, I was so excited to learn that there was a team of teachers ready to get started. The presentation put on by the founders was thorough and easy to understand. The next day I […]

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