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In my previous post, A Teacher’s Journey to a No Grades Classroom, I talked about turning my classroom into what I later called a Results Only Learning Environment (ROLE). Using technology helped me rebuild myself as a teacher and reimagine teaching and learning in my classroom, but the journey was not without challenges. Transitioning away from […]

Two self-reflection prompt posters

In my previous blog posts, I discussed Reflecting on Learning with Digital Portfolios and shared 4 Tips for Getting Started With Student Self-Reflections. My Grade Seven students are not yet at stage where they can be asked to just reflect. They need guiding questions to tease out an authentic reflection. With this in mind, I’ve […]

Boywithipad Blog

In my previous post, Reflecting on Learning with Digital Profiles, I talked about the benefits of self-reflection. Practiced regularly, reflecting on their learning journey allows students to celebrate areas of strength, address areas of weakness and to set learning goals for themselves. When students are prompted to think about their learning, the focus shifts towards the […]

Girlwithipad Blog

In the past, I’ve found it challenging to have meaningful conversations with students about their learning. Typically, I would grade a stack of paper assignments by writing comments, filling out a rubric and assigning a numerical score. All too often, students would glance at the score and then shove the assignment in their desk, especially […]

Freshgrade Digital Porfolios Matt

“So, who is Sneezy?” I asked my daughter, a first grader at an elementary school in which I am also the principal. “It’s a water bottle with a face on it.” she replied. This was obvious, having viewed the picture of Sneezy posted in her digital portfolio by her teacher via FreshGrade. I kept pressing, […]

Man With Laptop

When I began my career as a classroom teacher nearly 25 years ago, I was convinced that teaching was about lecture, worksheets, homework, tests, and grades; back then, I thought “grades” was a synonym for “assessment.” What I learned in my pre-service days was that most educators believed that assessment was just about math. Students […]

Sheets of FreshGrade Sticker Badges

Do your students love stickers as much as we do? We worked with some of our FreshGrade Champions to create some student recognition sticker sheets. Based on what we heard from teachers and leaders, we designed eight different sticker sheets. There are two each for K-3, 4-7, 8-12, and two that promote 21st-Century teaching methods […]

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Every second Tuesday, leading educators host a conversation on Twitter about how to enable the evolution of education, using the hashtag #FGChat. [<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “FreshGrade Chat: Organizing Digital Portfolios” on Storify</a>]  

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FreshGrade is fortunate to be working with top educators the world over. We’ve recently launched our Champion program and we are excited to profile one of our earliest Champions, Wanny Hersey. Wanny is a great example of a leader who is enabling the future of education. She is the founding Superintendent/Principal of Bullis Charter School […]

FreshGrade champion badge on a lanyard

The FreshGrade Champion Program is a great way for leaders, educators, students, and parents to demonstrate their expertise and empower their peers in the evolution of education. We are looking for passionate flag-bearers who want to share the benefits of using FreshGrade! Champions are key members of the FreshGrade team, who advocate for our apps and […]

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