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If you’ve got some time with your family this summer, why not celebrate the moments you share? A family time capsule might just be a fun, summer-long project everyone can contribute to. Why a family time capsule? Spend time together, connect, and make memories Typically, the purpose of a time capsule is to capture memories. [...]
You’ve got one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. During the summer, it’s tempting to start planning for next year right away, but research says that taking a break is important. Here are a few ideas: Connect with your loved ones You expend so much energy on other people’s children. Your break is [...]
Students and their parents can write these together and upload them to their FreshGrade portfolio. Once an activity is in a portfolio, students and parents can look back on it anytime. My 2019/2020 year The best thing about this year was… My favourite thing to learn was… My recess memories are… Something that was hard [...]
Many summer camps may not happen this year, so we’ve put together a few resources, ideas, and activities for you to share. We’ve asked teachers for more ideas on our Facebook post, so if we get more, we may add them here.   For you and your artist! Paint from nature Make relaxation jars For [...]
Learning is sometimes equated with activities that end in an assignment that’s handed in. But teachers know that learning happens everywhere…and that sometimes the most valuable learning comes from everyday activities. Teachers, check out these five skills you can ask students and families to consider, capture, and upload to FreshGrade. When they post something, don’t [...]
Here are 5 ways to help protect your mental health—and the mental health of students and parents during these challenging times.   Start with you! Before you help anyone else, be calm and strong enough to validate, reassure, and support others. That means some honest check-ins and efforts to be sure you’re doing what you [...]
FreshGrade Blog to learn about 8 ways to ask your child about school
As a parent, you wear a thousand hats to your child. At home, your child is influenced by your actions, behaviours, and beliefs. Your encouragement and love will help cultivate curiosity, confidence, and a healthy attitude towards learning new things—for life. And when they get to school, they’ll bring everything they’ve learned into a classroom—to [...]
A Blog by FreshGrade - Why Parent Involvement is important for your child's success
As a parent, you wear a thousand hats to your child. At home, your child is influenced by your actions, behaviors, and beliefs. As your child grows and more time accumulates in the classroom, it’s important to stay involved in their learning. Ongoing parent engagement with teachers is important, so how and why should you [...]
A blog post by freshgrade on why student self reflection is important
Student self-assessment and self reflection are processes that can be utilized to help students learn today—and also to become lifelong learners. As an ongoing practice, self-assessment & reflection help students learn more about their own strengths and challenges. It also helps teachers adapt to student needs because we can better understand how individual students learn. [...]
Student success is important - learn 3 ways you can better support student achievement in 2020.
Every teacher has a passion for helping students learn, and we accept that our teaching role comes with many hats. With all the things we do, how can we better support our students in and out of the classroom? To cultivate the skills that students need for life in the 21st century, we can aim [...]



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