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Remote, in-class, or both, it’s important that teachers have the tools and opportunities to assess what students are learning—and that students have the tools and opportunities to make their learning visible. Assessment practices might look a bit different than they did at the beginning of the last school year, but the goal of meaningful educational […]

This year, perhaps more than ever before, teachers need all the right tools—FREE, easy-to-use and powerful tools—to encourage parent engagement. Better academic achievement is only one of the positive outcomes when parents engage in learning. Increased student confidence and motivation for learning are also big benefits.  Whether you’re in the classroom or teaching remotely, it’s […]

FreshGrade Connect helps students express their learning in a multitude of different ways—from anywhere. Teachers know there’s usually not one, single right answer to a problem, and also that individual students need individual ways to work and upload their learning. In fact, research shows that students learn best when they are given a variety of […]

Connection matters, and we’ve been working hard to fully integrate a multitude of meaningful connection points for learning communities in the NEW FreshGrade Connect platform. Last week we posted a blog that highlighted some of the reasons FreshGrade has been focused on delivering teachers, students, and families the most powerful student portfolios in the world. […]

Introducing powerful portfolios designed with connection in mind Connection helps us thrive  It’s a human truth: Connection helps us thrive. A Stanford article that highlights the overall health benefits of feeling connected says, “strong social connection can strengthen the immune system, helps people recover from disease faster, and can lower levels of anxiety and depression.” Unfortunately, the [...]
Tips for teachers, students, and families who want a head start on their school-year prep, no matter if teaching and learning is happening remotely, in the classroom, or both. Plan your workspace(s) In the middle of the last school year, many people had to quickly create makeshift work spaces. During the summer, with a bit [...]
If you’ve got some time with your family this summer, why not celebrate the moments you share? A family time capsule might just be a fun, summer-long project everyone can contribute to. Why a family time capsule? Spend time together, connect, and make memories Typically, the purpose of a time capsule is to capture memories. [...]
You’ve got one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. During the summer, it’s tempting to start planning for next year right away, but research says that taking a break is important. Here are a few ideas: Connect with your loved ones You expend so much energy on other people’s children. Your break is [...]
Students and their parents can write these together and upload them to their FreshGrade portfolio. Once an activity is in a portfolio, students and parents can look back on it anytime. My 2019/2020 year The best thing about this year was… My favourite thing to learn was… My recess memories are… Something that was hard [...]
Many summer camps may not happen this year, so we’ve put together a few resources, ideas, and activities for you to share. We’ve asked teachers for more ideas on our Facebook post, so if we get more, we may add them here.   For you and your artist! Paint from nature Make relaxation jars For [...]



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