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FreshGrade Blog to learn about 8 ways to ask your child about school
As a parent, you wear a thousand hats to your child. At home, your child is influenced by your actions, behaviours, and beliefs. Your encouragement and love will help cultivate curiosity, confidence, and a healthy attitude towards learning new things—for life. And when they get to school, they’ll bring everything they’ve learned into a classroom—to [...]
A Blog by FreshGrade - Why Parent Involvement is important for your child's success
As a parent, you wear a thousand hats to your child. At home, your child is influenced by your actions, behaviors, and beliefs. As your child grows and more time accumulates in the classroom, it’s important to stay involved in their learning. Ongoing parent engagement with teachers is important, so how and why should you [...]
A blog post by freshgrade on why student self reflection is important
Student self-assessment and self reflection are processes that can be utilized to help students learn today—and also to become lifelong learners. As an ongoing practice, self-assessment & reflection help students learn more about their own strengths and challenges. It also helps teachers adapt to student needs because we can better understand how individual students learn. [...]
Student success is important - learn 3 ways you can better support student achievement in 2020.
Every teacher has a passion for helping students learn, and we accept that our teaching role comes with many hats. With all the things we do, how can we better support our students in and out of the classroom? To cultivate the skills that students need for life in the 21st century, we can aim [...]
Prfessional Development for teachers in 2020 is all about learning how to follow through on your goals!
This time of year, we’re all making plans to better ourselves and move forward with personal and professional development. Whether your New Year’s goals are personal or classroom related, FreshGrade is here to help guide your path to be your personal and professional best. Making lofty goals is easy, but it’s the follow-through plan that [...]
Focus on Professional development for teachers this new years by taking freshgrade courses in our professional learning network!
This time of year, we race to get report cards done, organize end-of-year events, and communicate with parents. We’re masters of making sure our students, parents, colleagues, and administrators have what they need to successfully close the year and take a well-deserved break. And once the last day of class before the holiday break rolls [...]
Freshgrade's blog on how to show acts of kindness in the classroom
The holiday season is a perfect time to build a sense of community and purpose in your classroom. Every act of kindness is an opportunity to show your students that small things matter, even if they’re random acts of kindness. We’ve put together a few ideas your whole class can get involved with to make [...]
Thinking about helping students become more reflective and more thoughtful learners? Starr Sackstein, a New York educator, recently shared the benefits of digital portfolios and her 4–Steps to Digital Portfolios in a webinar. Why Digital Portfolios? When students are tracking their progress over–time, they are better able to set goals, reflect and think about themselves [...]
Blog Freshgrade Next Gradebook Feature Image V1
You asked and we listened. Over the past 6-years, we have been compiling all of your feedback in order to build you the most powerful gradebook yet! We have an all-new more powerful than ever gradebook that empowers teachers to assess their way. Score-based or standards-based, no matter how you set up your classes in [...]
Cari Wilson a classroom teacher shares stories of her students who are struggling with mental health and self-esteem issues.
Cari Wilson Elementary Innovation + Technology Lead Teacher Cari Wilson is the Elementary Innovation and Technology Lead Teacher for West Vancouver School District. With over 20 years of classroom experience and a Masters in Educational Technology, Cari works with both teachers and students in West Vancouver and beyond, helping them implement technology and innovation in [...]
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