Learn How Schools & Districts are Using FreshGrade

West Van Casestudy

West Vancouver Schools

Learn how the School District of West Vancouver improves engagement.

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Wolf Creek Cover Image

Wolf Creek Public Schools

Learn how Wolf Creek improves parent-teacher relationships.

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Elmbrook Casestudy Hs

Elmbrook School District

Find out how Elmbrook school district fosters student ownership.

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Bullis Web Case study Burst

Bullis Charter School

Learn how Bullis School transforms communication for students, parents, and teachers.

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Anglophone Thumbnail

Anglophone East School District

Find out how Anglophone East School District transforms learning and assessment for students, parents, and teachers.

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What People Are Saying

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Jordan Tinney

Superintendent, Surrey Schools

Award-winning Superintendent, Jordan has transformed learning in his district with the use of portfolios and assessment tools.
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Antonio Vendramin


As an educator, parent, and administrator, Antonio has used learning evidence to create a window into the classroom.
Watch his story

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Laura Warkentin

Elementary Teacher

Teachers like Laura are choosing FreshGrade to communicate student learning, focus their teaching practice, and reduce time spent on grading.
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Fg Website Bullis Dan 50

Dan Gross

Elementary Teacher, Bullis Charter School

Dan Gross, a sixth-grade teacher, and parent of two students at Bullis Charter School, California explains how he uses FreshGrade to track and communicate progress.
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Fg Website Bullis Wanny 50

Wanny Hersey

Superintendent, Bullis Charter School

Bullis Charter School Founder and Superintendent, Wanny Hersey explains that FreshGrade’s user-friendly platform made it easy for staff at Bullis to see value in the platform.
Watch her story

West Vancouver Case Study Video Thumbnail

West Vancouver


Learn how West Vancouver use FreshGrade to capture and document student learning and connect the broader learning community.
Watch West Vancouver’s story

Web Olph Large 50

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Catholic Independent SCHOOL

Learn how Our Lady of Perpetual Help uses FreshGrade to deepen the learning that happens in the classroom, engage parents, and give students ownership over their learning
Watch Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s story

Coquitlam Case Study Video Thumbnail


School District

Learn how Coquitlam School District use FreshGrade to deepen the conversation around student learning in the classroom and at home.
Watch Coquitlam’s story

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Mansfield ISD

school District

Learn how Mansfield ISD uses FreshGrade to deepen the conversation around student learning in the classroom and at home.
Watch Mansfield ISD’s story

How Educators Are Using FreshGrade

How Rachel McCormick uses FreshGrade to Collect Qualitative Information

“My students come to me with many different learning needs. Documenting student performance and behavior is essential, so that when issues arise, I have all the information I need to advocate for their best interests…”

Read Rachel’s testimonial

How Wendy Haley uses FreshGrade for her Distributed Learning Students

“There is nothing more rewarding than personalizing information for a student… Sometimes the difference between a student feeling successful, or like a failure, is simply in the way that the material is presented…”

Read Wendy’s testimonial

How Melissa Skinner uses FreshGrade to Track Formative Assessment

“I work in a full classroom (34 grade 3 students) with a wide range of needs. Because growth looks different for every student, I need a way that I can document that growth and show the progress that each student is making…”

Read Melissa’s testimonial

Gaila Testimonial Texas T Tess

How FreshGrade Creates Strong Learners

“Most districts in Texas are still paper-oriented in their approach to capturing learning. But Gaila and Jo noticed that most students didn’t take worksheets home…”

Read Gaila and Jo’s testimonial

Yuen Testimonial Olph

A Bridge Connecting Parents, Students & Teachers

“In education, there are always areas of improvement to track students’ learning effectively, detect barriers to academic success, and provide assistance as early as possible…”

Read Christopher’s testimonial

How Sean Robinson uses FreshGrade to Guide, Curate, & Share Learning

“Technology, when used skillfully, opens up possibilities never before imagined. I like to take advantage of those possibilities. In my classroom, technology is embedded into our learning…”

Read Sean’s testimonial

How Jamie Henderson uses FreshGrade to manage Learning Objectives

“Managing learning objectives can be a tricky, messy, and paper and time consuming business… FreshGrade is transforming my assessment, particularly the Objectives Management System…”

Read Jamie’s testimonial

How Brittney Cheney Uses FreshGrade to Capture Learning in Kindergarten

“I started using FreshGrade in January 2015 in our Kindergarten class when I came across a post on Twitter. We all know that there are hundreds of apps out there to document student’s learning, but FreshGrade really enticed me…”

Read Brittney’s testimonial

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