Summertime tips to make remote learning easier

Tips for teachers, students, and families who want a head start on their school-year prep, no matter if teaching and learning is happening remotely, in the classroom, or both.

Plan your workspace(s)

In the middle of the last school year, many people had to quickly create makeshift work spaces. During the summer, with a bit more time, it can be empowering to consciously create the space(s) you might need for teaching and learning. If you have the room, try out a few different areas—a more formal space, a comfy reading and thinking space, and an area that’s okay to make messes in.

Design a schedule to stay active

Sitting all day isn’t healthy, and without bells to remind us to move, it might be hard to remember to get up and get active. Put a healthy routine in place now so moving more feels part of your healthy back-to-school routine, even if you’re doing a lot of teaching or learning from home.

Be aware of screen time

Remote learning might require more screen time, but it can be a drain—both physically and mentally. For lessons and for fun, keep track of how much screen time is happening and set up some boundaries now so it feels natural to step away from your screens.

Read every day

Reading every day can improve brain connectivity, increase your vocabulary and comprehension, empower you to empathize with others, aid in a healthy sleep routine, reduce stress, lower blood pressure—and more! It doesn’t really matter what you read, but try to get away from screens, grab a book or a magazine, and make reading part of your healthy everyday life…through the summer and into the fall.

Make time for passion projects and community work

Doing projects with purpose are great for rejuvenation and exploring those options now might pave the way for a built-in break from the stress of the school year. Besides filling you with a sense of purpose, passion projects and service work can be a great tangible way to make a difference in your community. 

Set up your learning communities

It’s not too early to start thinking about your support system—and the support systems of your students or children. While you have time, think about what kind of recurring touchpoints you might set up with friends, classmates, or groups, for homework help, game time, professional support, and more.

Above all else, this summer, make sure to acknowledge any stress you might be feeling and stay curious/ask questions of those people you’re connected to. It helps to know you’re part of a community and that you have support.

Check out the Facebook post and share any tips you have for setting up for back-to-school success.



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