Freshgrade In Kindergarten

How Brittney Cheney Uses FreshGrade to Capture Learning in Kindergarten

I started using FreshGrade in January 2015 in our Kindergarten class when I came across a post on Twitter. We all know that there are hundreds of apps out there to document student’s learning, but FreshGrade really enticed me. I approached my teaching partner about using FreshGrade, and she said, “We should give it a go.” Well, I am very glad we decided to! FreshGrade has made my life so much easier when it comes to documenting a child’s learning. I use to spend hours making slideshow presentations for parents so they could see what their child was doing each month. FreshGrade allows me to take the picture, document the child’s thoughts or explanation of their learning and send it off to parents. This cuts back on time and allows me to engage and expand on the children’s interests. It is also great having the curriculum expectations right there for us so we can add it to the picture and show how that expectation is being met.

Our parents absolutely love getting updates of their child each day. We always receive positive feedback from them. Many of us know when a child is asked what they did all day, the most common answers are “Nothing ” or “We just played”. Well, FreshGrade has changed that. Now parents can see what their child is doing throughout the day and carry on with that learning at home. Our senior kindergarteners have even started to write their own comments under their pictures to send home to their parents. Although we don’t use student accounts, we share with the students what we are sending home, so they are involved in what we document. The students really enjoy getting their parent’s feedback as well.

At the end of the school year, our parents raved about the Learning Slideshow. It was a quick glimpse of many learning experiences throughout the school year, but we knew the parents would absolutely love it! To have the parents involved in their child’s learning is a big relief to us because we didn’t know how much our students were communicating to their families about their day. The new addition of announcements has been very helpful as well. We can now communicate through one message and see which parents have read the announcement.

FreshGrade is used by other staff members in our school. The older grades can use all the features that FreshGrade has to offer. They make good use of the student accounts and document their learning independently. We look forward to hearing about new and upcoming ideas that FreshGrade is developing so we as educators can expand our use of technology in the classroom. I would like to send a BIG Thank You to FreshGrade and their amazing team. Your hard work and dedication to making documentation easy again are greatly appreciated. I look forward to new and exciting changes that FreshGrade brings to the technology world. Keep up the great work!



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