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Increasing Parent Engagement with FreshGrade Next and offering resources for parents
We are pleased to announce some very exciting updates coming soon to FreshGrade. These updates include easy workflows, an improved gradebook, new parent and student functionality, and so much more! We asked teacher Kathy Rogers what excites her most about the Next Generation of FreshGrade and this is what she said: We know that students [...]
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We’re excited to announce the integration of Google Translate for comment and announcement features within FreshGrade for all new and existing school and district partners. Available on FreshGrade web apps, FreshGrade for Parents, and FreshGrade for Students mobile apps, this integration allows teachers, parents, and students to both read and write in the language of [...]

Learning Coach, Nathan McEntee shares his learning journey with implementing student-led conferences and digital portfolios.

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How do you engage ESL/ELL parents? This is something I struggle with each year as I learn about my students and their families. I work in a community that is diverse. My students speak at least two languages, and most are first-generation Canadians. My classroom is full of many languages, cultural traditions, and religious backgrounds. […]



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