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Teaching Law with FreshGrade

I teach Grade 12 law and economics in a one-to-one school, so my classes tend to combine project-based learning, flipped lessons, blended learning, and mastery learning on a regular basis. My general motto when developing lessons for my classes could be summed up like this: Every class involves something to learn, something to do, and […]

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When my son, Chris, secured a job with a movie and TV special effects company last year, I said to him, “I guess your good grades in college got you the job, right?” “Sure, Dad,” Chris replied sarcastically. “This is what got me the job!” And Chris held up his SmartPhone to show me his [...]
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Learning Coach, Nathan McEntee shares his learning journey with implementing student-led conferences and digital portfolios.

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FreshGrade is a powerful platform, used initially in the 2015-2016 school year as pilot program. I was in search of a platform that would be able to electronically deliver feedback to students as well as connect parents to school events. The first year of using Fresh Grade was an ice breaker, as many parents were [...]
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