Student success is important - learn 3 ways you can better support student achievement in 2020.

Student Success: 3 Ways to Better Support Students in 2020

Every teacher has a passion for helping students learn, and we accept that our teaching role comes with many hats. With all the things we do, how can we better support our students in and out of the classroom? To cultivate the skills that students need for life in the 21st century, we can aim to modify our practices every day. Instead of thinking about these as extra things to do, it might help to think of them as big-picture philosophies you can layer onto every lesson and student interaction to help grow your students success and ensure they become healthy, happy people.

  Teach a growth mindset

A main component of student ownership is helping to provide students with an ongoing passion for learning. Student beliefs about themselves as learners will fuel their performances and impact the way they approach successes and failures. If we approach learning as something to feel excited about and show that we are in control of our own journeys, with exploration and discovery as more than just the means to an end, we will support the process of lifelong learning and successful students.

  • Provide attainable challenges
  • Showcase how successes and failures are necessary for learning
  • Celebrate how different people are curious about the learning journey

Give your students freedom

Students need structure, but their learning journeys will be as individual as they are. How do you reconcile the structure they need and not limit their journeys and outcomes? When you celebrate the way students learn and not just the end result, you give them freedom to make mistakes and discover things you didn’t even know they would.

  • Show students how to self-reflect
  • Demonstrate and allow opportunity for self-reviews, peer reviews, and teacher reviews
  • Get to know your students, the ways they learn and acknowledge their passions

Be a stellar coach

Who was your favorite person when you were younger? What characteristics did they have? Think back to your school days and try to remember a coach or teacher you admired and learned from. Have you given yourself the time lately to reflect on why the people you remember fondly who have influenced you? Be memorable to students by celebrating what makes them unique and gently correcting them when there are important learning opportunities. Recognize their successes and show them it’s okay to be on a journey that involves failures, too. Memorable teachers don’t just teach their students—they coach them into being humans who are happy, healthy, and know how to learn.

  • Demonstrate self-awareness coaching techniques
  • Give students clear expectations for outcomes—and for the traits or skills needed to get there
  • Provide each student with coaching that addresses their unique needs

Since we’re all trying to proclaim new goals for ourselves this decade, why not make a few that directly impact student success. With some big-picture modifications, we will set them up for more than success over a set curriculum, but also, a lifetime of curiosity and engagement.

To learn more about how to better support students on their learning journey, how digital portfolios can promote student success, or how to promote student ownership of learning, click on the link below for more.



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