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Simple. Integrated. Powerful. FreshGrade’s gradebook has arrived.

You asked and we listened. Over the past 6-years, we have been compiling all of your feedback in order to build you the most powerful gradebook yet!

We have an all-new more powerful than ever gradebook that empowers teachers to assess their way. Score-based or standards-based, no matter how you set up your classes in FreshGrade Next, your gradebook is designed to work for you. It connects with student portfolios to seamlessly integrate student work and assessment.

With the option to have either a standards-based gradebook or a score-based gradebook, you can organize and assess learning in a way that suits your teaching style. 

The first-ever gradebook that brings student learning to life. Students can upload their work samples using rich media and you can easily view student work and assess their growth right in the gradebook.

Organize your gradebook by standards and view student growth by standard area OR organize your gradebook in a more traditional way.

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New Features Include:

  • Multi-Factor Assessment, assess multiple criteria and or subject matter inside one activity
  • Standards-Based Gradebook, sort, view, and organize student work by standard
  • Seamlessly integration with student portfolios
  • All-new more powerful than ever tagsets

We’ll show you how quick and easy it is to assess student’s work in these quick learning videos.

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