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A lot of teachers are talking about how to navigate this new hybrid model of teaching; partly remote, and partly in the classroom, and a lot of asynchronous teaching and learning. In the absence of a common best-practice template, this McKinsey article has some interesting considerations.

At FreshGrade, we don’t have all the answers, but we’ve been listening to teachers and working hard to build the world’s best student-centred portfolio, the core of our powerful, easy-to-use platform that answers the immediate needs of teachers. Teachers have the synchronous learning dialed with the help of Zoom and other real-time virtual connections. FreshGrade lets you post things like Zoom, Google Drive, MS OneDrive links, and videos—but we’ve also built the tools to make your asynchronous teaching easier.


“I want kids to feel connected to me, their class, and their learning every single day.”

Post a “good morning” video for students every day. Encourage them to upload their own short greeting.


“I’m exhausted. It’s so hard to make lessons for in class and online.”

Design lessons right inside FreshGrade anytime, and post them when you’re ready.


“I can’t keep up with parent communication. It’s hard enough to plan lessons, but to keep everyone in the loop takes more time than I have.”

Post an announcement to parents to encourage them to turn on FreshGrade notifications so they know when their children have uploaded an assignment. Ask them to comment, too!


“How do we keep up? Everyone’s tired of the multitude of tools we’re trying to use.”

In FreshGrade Connect, post links to Zoom meetings, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, and more. 


“This is new to me, to students, and to parents. HELP!”

Check out our downloadable sheets with some basic tips on remote teaching and learning. There are three sheets—one for teachers, one for students, and one for parents. In FreshGrade Connect, it’s easy to add links to resources, so post this link to your parents and get a conversation started.


“So many digital tools have paywalls! I need something free so all my students and parents can access it!”

FreshGrade Connect is free for teachers with no paywalls. Sign up now and get started.


At FreshGrade, we’ll keep listening—and building what school districts, teachers, students, and families need right now. 




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