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Personalized Learning, Pedagogy Before Technology, Video as a Reflection Tool & More

The holidays are coming and hopefully that means a chance to catch up on your reading. Here’s a roundup of the top education stories from the last seven days.

  • As 2017 comes to a close, we can reflect on the journey education has taken and the changes the world has seen. Getting Smart looks to 2018 to speculate and predict the future of personalized learning.

  • Assessing student work as a photo album—not as a single snapshot—may provide a richer sense of what students have learned. Edutopia looks at how to build a more complete picture of student learning.

  • “School is really about teaching kids how to be good learners, how to be critical thinkers and how to be innovators,” Steven W. Anderson talks about the importance of building pedagogy before technology.

  • In today’s high-stakes environment of teacher evaluation, there is an increasing demand for higher quality professional development. EdCircuit examines how to use video as a reflection tool.

  • Somewhere between rejecting personalization as a fad and embracing it, there are facts that could form a basis for a balanced and rigorous conversation. Here are 5 ways to talk (and think) about personalized learning to get that conversation going.

  • How do we acknowledge ungraded skills? Nicholas Provenzano makes an argument for using badges in makerspaces to recognize the skills students gain outside the traditional curriculum.

  • Dr. Steve Perry is widely respected by grassroots community members, internationally renowned education experts, and A-list celebrities. He talks to Dr. Rod Berger about the state of education news, and whether there is a need for better education reporting in the national media.



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