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ISTE, Parental Engagement, Blended Learning & More!

Busy week? We’re here to help. Here’s our roundup of top educational stories from the past seven days:

  • More than 21,000 educators and education providers attended this year’s ISTE Conference & Expo in San Antonio. SmartBrief shares their eight takeaways from the show including four things we need to stop doing in education and insights from studies on E-rate and the Internet of Things in schools.

  • No teacher would argue that parents are needed to maximize student success. But what does the future of parental engagement look like? Matthew Lynch, writing for Education Week shares his thoughts on how edtech is playing a key role.

  • Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, teachers are testing out new ways to measure learning. Using performance-based assessments, teachers are pinpointing what skills a student needs to master, increasing student engagement, and assessing throughout the year.

  • Dr. Rod Berger speaks to Stewart McDonald, a rising star in the world of superintendents, about his highly productive school model for future student success.

  • “Is blended learning overhyped?” asks C. M. Rubin for Education News. Teachers around the world weigh in, sharing lessons from their own school communities.

  •  What does personalized learning look like to you? It’s possible that you all have very different answers. EdSurge asked teachers at ISTE to share their definitions of personalized learning… and was surprised at how many different answers there were.

  • Personalized learning, in its broadest application, suggests tailoring instruction to meet the needs, strengths and interests of each learner. So why does it feel so impersonal? Tony Wan shares his theories.

  • Tech & Learning hosted a recent event in Atlanta that brought together school leaders from curriculum and technology to discuss: How can curriculum and technology better collaborate to improve student achievement and close achievements gaps in reading, math, and more? Read highlights from the discussion here.




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