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New Years Resolutions: What some teachers are planning for 2019

As we start a new year we reflect on all the successes, challenges, and happy times from the previous year. We set goals, make plans, and get ready to start the new year fresh and excited for all that is to come.

We love hearing from our FreshGrade Champions and what they are excited about. In preparation for the new year, we reached out to our Champions Community to find out what their classroom resolutions were and want to share what we heard.

Sometimes when we step out of our comfort zone, even just a little bit, we see amazing growth.  Gaila Sanders, an English 1 & 2 teacher in Hillsboro, TX, set some resolutions that not only challenge her students but also challenge her to learn new tools and connect with her students in new ways.  Gaila’s resolutions were

  1. Develop my students’ self-reflection by Incorporating the digital portfolios weekly.
  2. Learn about an app from my students that they think is cool!
  3. Be brave and find a safe way to share my students’ work with the world!

Dene Gainey, a 3rd-grade teacher in Orlando, FL, started at a new school this year and is just getting to know his students and colleagues. Dene has set some smart resolutions to help create more reflective students who are also environmentally conscious. Dene’s resolutions were

  1. I will have students write up a self-reflection weekly as a way to reinforce learning of concepts and ideas.
  2. My school uses a lot of paper, so my goal for 2019 is to use less paper by having students document learning electronically and posting to their eportfolio.
  3. I plan to have my third-grade students respond to their reading by writing summaries and reflections in their digital portfolios.

Scott Hayhurst, a Grade 7 teacher in Kelowna, BC, had several different resolutions for both his students and himself:

  1. I would like to find more online spaces where students can read student-generated stories and share their own written creations. Expanding the audience for both my avid and reluctant writers helps make the entire process more relevant and powerful. Moreover, having stories that my readers can peruse will increase the chance that they find a writer or genre that hooks them and keeps them ‘turning the (digital) page.’
  2. The new year is always a perfect time to look back and reflect on the year that was. For myself, this reminds me to provide class time and supportive guidance for my students to be more metacognitive with their favourite online portfolio tool. Not only do they get to scan their work for how they have been successful, but they also check their progress and set new learning goals to strive for.
  3. Time. Although I can’t seem to find enough of it in the day, I can use what I have more efficiently. My personal edtech resolution surrounds being more organized and productive throughout the day. From shared calendars to online checklists to digital planners, utilizing the technology out there to stay on top of my work and life-related tasks will surely give me more time to spend with my students building positive relationships.

Have you set resolutions for your teaching practice or classroom yet? Tell us about them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook @freshgrade #freshgrade.



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