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Learning to Set Goals and Take Initiative [Testimonial]

I started using FreshGrade this fall when I was invited to participate in the pilot program. When I attended the initial meeting, I was so excited to learn that there was a team of teachers ready to get started. The presentation put on by the founders was thorough and easy to understand.

The next day I created my class and started to “play” with FreshGrade. As a busy teacher, I found the app cut down on the time taken to record marks in a grade book. As a visual learner,  I loved how I was given instant access to the evidence collected for student learning.

After the first month or two, I was ready to create assignments and get my students’ parents on board. I held an informational meeting and presented information to explain the benefits of using FreshGrade as a way to rethink reporting. For the third term, my plan was to send home the learning snapshot to parents as a student report card.

My students love FreshGrade! They find it easy to use and they have learned how to set goals and take initiative of their own learning. One of the comments my students made will always stay with me as I continue to use this tool. “FreshGrade lets me see all the fun things I do at school. I never knew I was secretly learning until I watched those videos and saw pictures!” – Grade 6 student

Next year I will be teaching grade 3/4 and I plan to implement FreshGrade early in September!

Gurpreet Koonar, Grade 6 teacher at Bear Creek Elementary School in Surrey, BC

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