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How Melissa Skinner uses FreshGrade to Track Formative Assessment [Testimonial]

I work in a FULL classroom (34 grade 3 students) with a wide range of needs. Because growth looks different for every student, I need a way that I can document that growth and show the progress that each student is making in their own unique way based on the outcomes of our curriculum. I also need a vehicle to share this information with parents in a clear, concise way so that they can be a part of their child’s learning and success.

My Biggest Frustration

With all these students, and all these needs, it is critical to track each student’s progress over time. I want to be able to celebrate the successes and make changes to my practice to better meet the needs of my students. Tracking my formative assessments is key to meeting the needs of my students and supporting them so they can be successful. Informing parents of their child’s progress, in real time, is crucial to build those connections between home and school so the support continues when they leave my classroom.

Realistically, with a traditional reporting system, this is difficult to do and becomes confusing for parents who are receiving the information about their child’s progress too late.

How FreshGrade Saves the Day

FreshGrade has given me a place where I can easily track my student’s progress on formative assessments. This drives my instruction. I can use the information provided for me in the dashboard to see which students are improving and which students are struggling. Through the graphs given for each assessment I get an overall picture of how my class did and whether or not I need to reteach those outcomes, or just intervene with a select few students.

I love that I can share with parents via a snapshot, in real time, how their child has done on a formative assessment. I can give suggestions for support at home as well as information on the support their child is getting in our classroom. It really invites parents to be a part of what we are doing and to get involved when it matters most.

It also allows me to celebrate the successes of my students. Too many times, as teachers, we focus only on those who struggle and need extra support. But with the snapshot, I am able to share the great things that are happening in our class and invite parents to celebrate too.

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