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How Elmbrook Uses FreshGrade for Personalized Learning

At FreshGrade we are always working to tell the stories of our incredible community of educators, students, parents, and leaders. We recently had the chance to sit down with members of the School District of Elmbrook, just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We spoke with CIO Chris Thompson and a number of teachers across the district to learn about how they are using FreshGrade to enhance student ownership, scale learning among educators, and reduce educator workload. In Elmbrook, Thompson encourages teachers to select and test the technology that works best for them. Since teachers have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new technology, the benefits of letting them choose the best portfolio platform to implement district-wide are huge.

“We created structures for educators to share solutions across our district and opportunities for educators to learn about new things. This includes professional development time for teachers built right into the school week at all levels. Every month there is the opportunity to pursue learning at the individual educator’s choice. This professional development model has worked well, as teachers naturally rise up to present and share solutions across the school system,” Thompson told us.

Elmbrook wanted to make a change in the way they approach education, shifting from ‘one-size fits all’ to fulfilling a commitment to personalized learning for every student. Elmbrook’s  extensive search for a portfolio solution led the district to FreshGrade. Using FreshGrade, they have given students the tools to reflect on and take ownership of their academic growth; made student work in the classroom visible to parents; and have found success enabling teachers with easy to use technology that solves real classroom challenges. “FreshGrade is the best portfolio tool on the market and can meet our needs from kindergarten through high school,” says Thompson.

Learn more about what Elmbrook is doing with FreshGrade in our new case study.



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