Connect with a family time capsule!

If you’ve got some time with your family this summer, why not celebrate the moments you share? A family time capsule might just be a fun, summer-long project everyone can contribute to.

Why a family time capsule?

Spend time together, connect, and make memories

Typically, the purpose of a time capsule is to capture memories. Fun to create, it’s also a great way to celebrate the (big and small) moments you’re sharing, knowing you’re creating a keepsake that you can, one day in the future, crack open together.

What goes into a time capsule?

Your unique time capsule, your unique memories

Your family adventures and moments are unique, and so are your memories. Collect special artifacts (like a giant leaf from your hike or the glow stick from your backyard dance party), complete “all about me” sheets with your favorite songs, foods, etc., write letters to your future selves, preserve ticket stubs, make handprints—the possibilities are endless. Consider keeping your summer memories in a shoebox, jar, or small plastic bin—and once the summer is over, label it and hide it away with a future open date in mind!

Mindful connections matter.

Studies show that mindfully connecting to make memories can strengthen family relationships. Be sure to celebrate all the moments you’re creating together.

If you have any time capsule ideas please head to our Facebook post and share!



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