Connection matters for learning

Introducing powerful portfolios designed with connection in mind

Connection helps us thrive 

It’s a human truth: Connection helps us thrive. A Stanford article that highlights the overall health benefits of feeling connected says, “strong social connection can strengthen the immune system, helps people recover from disease faster, and can lower levels of anxiety and depression.” Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Lower levels of social connection are associated with declines of physical and psychological health. And the link between connection and learning are just as strong. In fact, students are more likely to succeed academically when they feel connected to school.

COVID-19 and remote teaching and learning

COVID-19 has shifted our social behaviors—and for many of us, that includes more distanced teaching and learning. The necessity for social distancing may impact the feelings of connectedness in teachers, students, and families.

Back in March, when teaching and learning was first impacted, the FreshGrade team spent a lot of time listening to the concerns and struggles of teachers, students, and parents. And while digital student portfolios were always at the center of our digital learning platform, we made the decision to amplify the connected learning experience for the start of this school year. So we’re thrilled to introduce you to FreshGrade Connect.

The world’s most powerful student portfolio 

These are the world’s most powerful student portfolios. They are built for teachers, parents, and families, and they focus on ease of connection—without losing any of their capabilities. After all, no matter where learning happens, student growth is the name of the game. In fact, more than ever we’re committed to connecting the classroom from anywhere and finding ways to celebrate the learning that will happen in spite of the uncertainty.

The NEW FreshGrade Connect is:

  • A platform built for remote, in-class, or a hybrid
  • An endless toolset that supports diverse media like photos, videos, audio, links, files, Google, OneDrive, tagging, filtering, and more
  • Proven communication loops built for timely, meaningful engagement
  • Flexible assessment to guide student growth

No matter what this year looks like for you, FreshGrade is committed to help you connect to your learning communities. Stay tuned for some tips about how to make remote teaching and learning easier.





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