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FreshGrade Connect makes success easy with all the tools that teachers, students and families need for remote and/or in-class work. We’ve looked at some best practices of remote teaching and compiled some of them here—plus specific ways that FreshGrade Connect will help you, your students, and families find success with asynchronous online learning, synchronous online […]

Increased demands on teachers call for high-impact practices that empower and engage students in all new ways. In FreshGrade Connect, the world’s most powerful portfolio is built for meaningful student reflection no matter if you’re teaching remotely, in the class, or both. Student reflection on their learning experiences is referred to by some educational researchers […]

A lot of teachers are talking about how to navigate this new hybrid model of teaching; partly remote, and partly in the classroom, and a lot of asynchronous teaching and learning. In the absence of a common best-practice template, this McKinsey article has some interesting considerations. At FreshGrade, we don’t have all the answers, […]

. “With FreshGrade, teachers now have the tools they need to provide immediate feedback to students as they are learning“ DAMIAN COOPER, CANADA . Student-centered digital portfolios have been attracting attention over the past few years, but with our current, changing educational landscape, they’re valuable because they’re flexible for remote or/and in-class teaching and learning. […]

Remote, in-class, or both, it’s important that teachers have the tools and opportunities to assess what students are learning—and that students have the tools and opportunities to make their learning visible. Assessment practices might look a bit different than they did at the beginning of the last school year, but the goal of meaningful educational […]



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