Assessment & remote teaching

Remote, in-class, or both, it’s important that teachers have the tools and opportunities to assess what students are learning—and that students have the tools and opportunities to make their learning visible.

Assessment practices might look a bit different than they did at the beginning of the last school year, but the goal of meaningful educational experiences stays the same. If you’re teaching online this year, you may be planning for both synchronous and asynchronous sessions—and the right tools make a difference. The most successful integration of edtech minimizes complexity, maximizes individual power and growth potential, and amplifies human connection. (1)

There are a lot of conversations right now around the best ways to do assessment with remote teaching and distance learning, but assessment practices are as unique as the teachers, students, and families that rely on them to show meaningful learning experiences. Here are a few ideas around assessment, and ways that the new FreshGrade Connect can help you integrate them.

Use the assessment tool that’s flexible enough to fit your goals

FreshGrade Connect knows that different classes and activities have different goals and assessment methods so it offers flexibility and power with score and standards-based options. Set up your first Gradebook now and check out all the options and customization.

Show off their progress, guide their learning

Align your activities with curriculum standards and add them to activities so you can look back on your lessons and see what you’ve covered. When you add standards, students and families can see the skills that have been achieved. FreshGrade Connect sources standards from various locations in North America. Sign in and access your region’s standards.

Collect information and data over time

Remote work and asyncronous learning may give you many unexpected opportunities to track the learning, struggles, and successes. Comments and self-reflection can be part of your ongoing data set. In a quick post, ask students to share their favourite way to learn, the last assignment they struggled with, or the last activity they did that made them feel proud. 

Create syncronous check-in times with individuals or small groups

One on one, or small group interactions can help you assess learning in the moment. FreshGrade Connect lets you easily post links to platforms like Zoom which makes it easy to arrange a meeting with parents and students. Post a link to tomorrow’s class meeting to see how easy it is.

Use your data!

Collect data, then look at it to see patterns and find ways to intersect with learners along their journeys. The FreshGrade Connect assessment options are powerful, customizable, and provide endless options. You can choose different calculator options (like making more recent assignments worth more or less) and assessment scales, and add multi-factor criteria to assess deeper levels of learning, and more. Invite families to check in with where their child is at.

Assess your way this school year. FreshGrade Connect helps you guide student growth with flexible, easy-to-use options. And it’s always free for teachers.









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