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10 Rookie Tips for New FreshGrade Teachers

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Are you a new FreshGrade teacher? We’re here to help. Here are 11 rookie tips to get you started.

1. Add All Your Students at Once

Add all your students at once by simply copying and pasting your class list! Make sure to add them: First Name Last Name.

2. Personalize Student Portfolios

Use the teacher app to take your student’s photos. Have them all line up in a row, snap their picture, then tap next student to take the next picture!

3. Upload On The Go

Take a photo of student work using the teacher app and tag your students later.

4. Make Note Taking Easy

No more clunky fingers on your mobile device! Instead of typing notes, tap the microphone icon on your Apple device to use voice to text!

5. Share Custom Objectives

Invite your colleague into your class and they can copy your activity over to their class. Your custom objectives will automatically copy over for them!

6. Share Artifacts with the Whole Class

Quickly upload to all students portfolios with Quick Add from your Teacher Dashboard on the web! Click on Quick Add in your Dashboard to upload your artifacts to just a group of students or all students at once.

7. See Who’s Viewed your Announcements

Click on the announcement to see who has viewed it. Green means that a user has seen the message and red means that they have yet to see it!

8. Find Out What Your Students Have Added!

Make sure you don’t miss a thing. Download the teacher app and tap on the push notification to receive notifications every time a student uploads an artifact.

9. Navigate with Ease

Navigate FreshGrade web app with ease. Use Quick Links on your Dashboard to go right to the area of your choice!

10. Save Time Next Term

Save time by copying last term’s Summary Report and simply change your assessments!



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